forming forms

The most common forms we see on the web are for contact, payment, or shipping. Nine times out of ten they’re visually uninteresting, don’t work correctly on tablet and mobile devices, or by some miracle of bad design–are so unintuitive they’re rendered useless. Since coming across a form that forced me to run to a computer last week, and considering we’re reviewing form basics in class, I’ve been stuck wondering–why? Forms aren’t difficult to build or style, and there are plenty of work-arounds when it comes to getting them to translate to mobile devices. Why do we still come across forms that range from unusable to barely mediocre? Worse yet, why is bad form design so pervasive?

I’m going to keep thinking about this (mostly because I can’t help it), but if you have any thoughts–drop a note in the comments below, I’m interested to know.


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